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Online Meeting Scheduler for Salesforce

Tired of calling, chasing and waiting?

The process for scheduling meetings with prospects and customers is broken.

Limited Availability

Understanding when a prospect or customer is available is complex and time consuming.

Disconnected Systems

Email, voicemail, calendaring, web conferencing and CRMs are disconnected, requiring manual syncing and scheduling.

Frequent Changes

Often, prospects and customers need to reschedule or add other people to the meeting, triggering more back and forth.

Inadequate Visibility

There’s no way to track meeting outcomes to follow-up and measure performance.

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One-Click Meetings

Scheduler for Salesforce fixes the problem

Easily book meetings right within Salesforce or share one-click scheduling links through email, web, or social media and let prospects and customers automatically book confirmed meetings at time you and your team are available.

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Calendar Integration

Full integration with your personal and teams' calendars

Scheduler synchronizes with the most popular business calendars. Whether you use Outlook, Google, iCal, Office 365, and/or your Salesforce calendar, Scheduler ensures free and busy times are accurately reflected and booked meetings are added to your personal calendar and all attendees’ calendars.

Web Conferencing Integration

Integrated and automated web conferencing

Scheduler also integrates with leading web conferencing providers, including WebEx, GoToMeeting and Zoom, so you can easily include conferencing details in your invitations. No more cutting and pasting links from your web conferencing system into the meeting invitation—Scheduler auto generates a unique link for each meeting.

Multiperson Meetings

Schedule meetings 1:1 or with teams

Sometimes you just want to meet one-on-one with a prospect or customer and sometimes you need to include one or more colleagues. Scheduler for Salesforce supports either scenario by either showing your personal availability or just the times that everyone on your team invited to the meeting is available to meet.

Pooled Availability

Provide the times everyone can meet

Whether you have two or 2,000 people available to take appointments, you can pool your team availability and prioritize employees based on who is available and best qualified to help. Scheduler for Salesforce sees the unique availability of each person in your organization and combines them to offer prospects and clients maximum availability. Internal meetings, vacation times, and free time are instantly synced, ensuring the times you offer to prospects and clients are truly available—eliminating worries about double booking.

Salesforce users rave about Scheduler

Our clients love this!

We have deepened levels of engagement with our company using TimeTrade Scheduler, which is integrated with Salesforce and Financial Services Cloud, and allows our clients to conveniently schedule appointments with a Financial Advisor. They have been extremely supportive during the integration!

Dec 6, 2017

Significant time saver for busy tech support operation

Before we used TimeTrade, we were in constant back and forth communication with customers simply setting up a time that works for us to even begin to address the issue. With TimeTrade, we can jump right into addressing the customer's issue at a time that is chosen by them based on our availability.

Nov 1, 2017


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Appointment Routing

Route inbound meetings to the right team member

Inbound meetings from your website, marketing campaigns, social media, and sales and customer service emails, are automatically routed to the available qualified expert—based on skill set, location, time and duration of the meeting, or any other criteria—ensuring you match prospects and customers with the employee who can best meet their needs.

ForecastRx saw a 40% jump in the number of meetings scheduled via email and website inbound requests when they implemented TimeTrade.

Intelligent Scheduling

Automatically schedule meetings with artificial intelligence

Leverage Salesforce Einstein to automatically generate a meeting with a prospect based on an assigned lead score. Meetings are scheduled, prospects are engaged and leads move quickly through the funnel—much faster than a traditional manual process.

Built for Salesforce

TimeTrade understands Salesforce. Leveraging our years of Salesforce expertise, we enable your team to manage the entire customer engagement process directly within Salesforce, without having to manage different vendors, ecosystems or applications. The result is a smooth end-to-end experience—from point of deployment to scheduling and management, all within Salesforce—creating greater customer success.

Lightning Ready

Fully integrated with the Lightning user experience to help your team sell faster and be more productive.

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Requires no development or deployment of IT resources or end-user training. Integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce environment. Be up and running in minutes.

Multi-Cloud Support

Works with many Salesforce Clouds, including: Sales, Marketing, Service, Financial Services, and Community.

5-Star Rating

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