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Integrated Salesforce Appointment Scheduling

Pick up where Salesforce leaves off. Increase sales by eliminating calling, chasing and waiting.

TimeTrade Scheduler for Salesforce redefines how marketing and sales people are using Salesforce by making it easy for prospects to schedule meetings with you—right from within Salesforce. The results speak for themselves.

Generate a stronger pipeline

Get better prospecting and marketing results by eliminating endless phone and email messages. Allow qualified prospects to schedule time with your team at their convenience.

Close more deals, faster

Reduce the time spent on non-revenue-generating activities and increase time spent driving conversations, sending proposals and conducting meetings.

Build trusted relationships

Customers value personal connections with experienced sales professionals. Improve their experience by putting them in the driver’s seat for scheduling meetings.

Simplified Scheduling Integrated in Salesforce

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Built for Salesforce

Enjoy a seamless Salesforce experience

We understand Salesforce. Our deep Salesforce expertise allows us to deliver a Lightning-ready app that’s been tested and approved for the Salesforce AppExchange. Manage the entire sales process, including connecting with prospects, directly within Salesforce. No more managing different vendors, ecosystems or applications. The result is a smooth end-to-end experience—from point of deployment on the AppExchange to scheduling and management all within Salesforce—which results in ongoing customer success.

Bring Prospects to You

Prospect smarter, not harder

Get better results from your prospecting efforts by sending personalized scheduling links in your outbound emails directly from within Salesforce. This allows customers to choose a meeting time that works for them and your team.

Deliver More Qualified Leads

Maximize your marketing efforts

Providing a compelling call to action on your website and in marketing campaigns gives customers a committed time to speak with reps, eliminating frustrating phone and email tag while leads get cold. The result? Improved conversion rates.

Focus on Revenue Generation

More time meeting, less time scheduling

Speed up the sales cycle and spend less time on administrative tasks. Streamline the scheduling process for meetings involving all the stakeholders on the customer’s side and the critical internal resources you need to close the deal.

Get the Most out of your Meetings

Don't get left waiting

Avoid no-shows by automatically sending attendees reminder emails. This makes it easy for prospects to reschedule or add colleagues to meetings to ensure the right people attend. Quickly identify which prospects have accepted your invitations, and those who’ve attended meetings, so you can perform actionable follow-ups.

Get the Most Out of Salesforce

Focus on closing deals, not administrative tasks

Maximize your Salesforce investment by making it an even more valuable resource for reps. Sales people can schedule meetings exactly the way they work—directly within a Contact, Lead or Opportunity record—logically mapping the existing workflows in Salesforce. Management can view sales and customer activity in one convenient place.

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