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Business and Individual Editions

For Teams

TimeTrade Business Edition

Business Edition is a simplified version of TimeTrade’s industry-leading Enterprise Edition. It takes many of the powerful online appointment booking features of Enterprise Edition and makes them easy to use for business teams, departments and other smaller user groups who need to schedule conversations with customers and prospects.

Business Edition delivers centralized administration and multiuser account capabilities. It also provides appointment routing and pooled resources, as well as Salesforce integration, and powerful team performance reports.

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For Individual Professionals

TimeTrade Individual Edition

Individual Edition delivers the relevant online appointment booking features of Business Edition in a simplified form suitable for individual business users. It is the right choice for all types of professionals—including financial advisors and healthcare providers—who need to make appointments with clients and prospects to drive business.

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For Enterprises

TimeTrade Enterprise Edition

Have a larger team, or more complex appointment-scheduling needs? Then Enterprise Edition is the right choice for you.

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